What if giving birth was easier, gentle and more comfortable than you ever imagined?


What if you could have the birth of your dreams?   


Even Doula and Labor & Delivery Nurse Moms LOVE this class!

Two of our clients are an experienced Doula and an experienced Labor and Delivery Nurse and they LOVED this class!



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Perfect for a home or hospital birth!

Birth Hypnosis by Soulica is a 5 week natural childbirth education class featuring Blissborn that emphasizes the power of your mind to create a beautiful birth. You already have everything you need within YOU to make it happen, and once you learn how to use it, you'll unlock that power for a comfortable, gentle and peaceful birth for you and your baby.

With your partner's support, you will learn how to go into a deeply relaxed state to shorten labor and transform fear and pain into confidence and comfort all the while learning how to reduce or eliminate unwanted interventions and accelerate recovery.  You will create a deeper connection with your baby and gift your baby a calmer first year by allowing your baby to have an experience that establishes a positive life pattern. Birth Hypnosis by Soulica featuring Blissborn™ is the most comprehensive childbirth education available!  You will learn all of this and so much more in just 5 weeks!


You're Built for a Better Birth! You can do this!

Over 85% of women using Blissborn™ gave birth naturally!  


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