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Patli “We contacted Kimberly late in my pregnancy at the suggestion of a friend and our mutual doula, both of whom had been attending Blissborn sessions with her.  The information and tools Kimberly shared helped me relax, focus, and minimize the growing fear of my upcoming labor and delivery. What I learned about birth hypnosis reinforced my mental, emotional and physical strengths; I was able to rebuild my confidence after having experienced some panic and discomfort in my first labor three years prior.  Eagerly, and with a positive attitude, we awaited labor to begin naturally.  When it began, I could not believe how comfortable it was.  I was present in every sense of the word through every minute and I can truly say I enjoyed the experience.  Seven swift hours later we gave birth to our healthy (and quite hefty) baby girl!” Aurora, CO


Aubrey - Jocelyn and Larry“Birth hypnosis changed the way I view labor, delivery and quite honestly hypnosis in general. Going into the class I was a huge skeptic, but walked away with the confidence I needed to have a natural delivery as well as skills I can use in other areas of life. With my previous births I had an epidural which caused longer, harder labors, leading to other interventions such as an episiotomy and forceps. Using hypnosis I was able to relax which led to a quick labor and uncomplicated delivery with no interventions. Kimberly is a wonderful and patient teacher who is very willing to adapt to the specific needs of different people.” Lakewood, CO


Isabella“My name is Olga. I am a new mom and I feel the best gift I have ever given myself was taking Birth Hypnosis classes from Kimberly. When the big day came, I had the valuable tool – self hypnosis – that gave me the opportunity to be in control of my birthing experience. My self hypnosis and my support was all that was needed for me to have a gentle and empowering birth experience. I didn’t have any pain medication or interventions. I did it all by myself! The joy that I experienced, the empowerment that I didn’t know I had until the birth of my daughter was amazing! I especially enjoyed Kimberly’s one on one approach. I felt very nurtured and supported. I highly recommend Kimberly’s classes to all new moms to be.” Denver, CO

Kyla Noel

Thanks to her parents who had the foresight and desire to give their baby the very best start… Kyla was born without any pain medication or medical intervention even though she was “sunnyside up” (posterior).  Here is what mom had to say about her birth: “We were very skeptical about this hypnosis thing! But we knew on Baby number 3 we wanted to learn about the possibility of a calmer, natural birth.  When we heard that Kimberly (one of the most amazing women we know) had added Blissborn to her practice we thought what the heck, let’s give it a shot! After our first class, we were hooked and quickly realized hypnosis doesn’t mean cluck like a chicken on stage in Vegas. LOL! Our birth experience was beautiful!!! Miss Kyla was 5 days late and sunny side up. This should have been my hardest and most painful birth, but it wasn’t! I learned how to stay calm and relaxed during any situation that could happen during labor. I remember at one point looking at my husband and OBGYN as I opened my eyes and kind of brought myself out of hypnosis while I was having a super strong contraction.  Both of their eyes were big and their jaws were on the ground as I calmly asked “is it over yet?”. My reaction to my birth experience could have been screaming, yelling and many four letter words, but I was calm, relaxed and confident!  I recommend this class to every pregnant woman who is even semi-considering a natural birth.” 

 Tyler Alan

Tyler’s parents rave about Blissborn™ as it helped them have a great C-Section birth even though it wasn’t planned!  Tyler was a breech baby and wasn’t turning head down to prepare for birth (mom had rare condition called unicorn uterus that went undiagnosed until after the birth, and that is why baby was unable to turn).  So after Tyler’s parents went through their options, they followed their Dr’s recommendation to schedule a C-Section.  At first they were disappointed and felt like the plan they had for a natural birth failed, but Tyler’s mom shared that dad was the one who remembered their Blissborn™ skills and kept them on track to a beautiful birth.  They used the fear release process they learned in Blissborn to prepare for the unexpected C-Section and mom used self-hypnosis while she and Tyler went through the procedure to keep herself and her baby calm.  Tyler was born perfectly healthy, calm and BEAUTIFUL!  The doctor even placed Tyler right on Jessica’s chest for the important skin to skin contact right after Tyler was born! Congratulations Jessica and Brad!

Evan Field

Evan Field

Brock Anders

Brock - Ryan and Stefani

Izadora… AND many, many more…


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