Cost & Registration

5 week Private Birth Hypnosis by Soulica Classes: All classes are $295.00 to give your baby the best start!

Classes meet on the mutually agreed upon scheduled days for five weeks. Birth is intimate and not all couples prefer to be in a group setting to learn these techniques, so private classes are a great alternative. In addition, many couples have unique needs around scheduling that make private classes the right option for them. We can schedule the weeks consecutively, however it is okay to skip a week between classes if needed for scheduling purposes. Due to the nature of the class and unique scheduling needs, most classes are private (1 couple), however, occasionally, if I get more than one request around the same time, I may schedule couples together with their agreement. Also, on occassion, I have had couples that know each other and have due dates that are close that ask to schedule the class together as well. This investment includes the Blissborn manual, a set of 6 CD’s, supplemental information, and skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.  

Birth Hypnosis by Soulica classes are held at the SOULICA office in Denver – address and location can be found at this link – Birth Hypnosis by SOULICA.

Skype Classes available

Skype classes are new and originated within Kimberly’s own family.  Kimberly’s daughter lives in California and when she became pregnant, Kimberly made some modifications to the class so she could teach her daughter over Skype from Denver.  The class was a great success and now Skype classes are available to those who don’t live in Denver or can’t make it to the Soulica Office. (Minimum system, network and enviromental requirements must be met, call 303-956-8840 for details.)

Registration (Three Easy Steps):

Step 1. Choose your class dates from the list above, or Call Kimberly at 303-956-8840 or e-mail her from the contact page to schedule a private class or that meets your needs.

Step 2.  For group classes note the class cycle dates that you have chosen in the available text field below and then make the payment using the ‘Pay Now’ button below or call 303-956-8840 to pay over the phone.  For Private or Skype classes pay over the phone at 303-956-8840. (Note:  Your registration is not complete until you submit the payment.)

Type the class dates selected:

 Step 3. For all classes… print and complete the Birth Hypnosis Registration form and then return the completed form using one of the 3 options indicated on the form. Read the HIPPA Notice of Privacy here and keep a copy for your records.